Design project sits comfortably with GSoA students

Design project sits comfortably with GSoA students

Students at Glasgow School of Art were recently given the chance to design a piece of furniture and see it be put into production at Elmwood.

The competition, part of Elmwood’s 40th anniversary celebrations, saw 2nd year Interior Design students tasked with the challenge of creating a piece of furniture that would be suitable for a community library and capable of being produced from just one sheet of plywood.

Explains Production Director Steven Gough: “Students were encouraged to really think about the realities of construction and how each individual element would be cut out and used.”

Following a presentation of shortlisted designs, Anna Broger’s set of children’s furniture was selected as the overall winner, earning her a cash prize and the chance to see her design be put into production.

Overseeing the process was Workshop Manager Donald Bain: “We took Anna through each stage of manufacture, from the pre-production meeting to CAD drawing and build, through to a post-production meeting to identify any lessons learned should the design ever go into mass manufacture.”

Such was the enthusiastic response to the anniversary project that Elmwood are now looking to make it an annual competition.