NHS offices, Meridian Court / Atheneum

Client : NHS Services Scotland
Principal Designer : EPD Associates
Principal Contractor : Elmwood Projects

In early 2020 we were appointed by NHS National Services Scotland to fit out two separate, busy office spaces in Glasgow City centre. The ongoing, vital work of the NHS could not stop to accommodate the necessary fit out works and so we were tasked with delivering all the required upgrades to furniture and fittings, floors, ceilings and storage etc. during night shift works over the course of ten weeks.

Our team worked closely alongside the building occupants and management during the complete Fit-out of two separate office spaces – at Meridian Court and the Athenaeum (a Category A Listed building, pictured) in Glasgow. Planning night shift work in and around the daily use of these busy NHS offices was a significant factor to be considered during the project planning and special measures were put in place to minimise risk and problems.
We were particularly careful to minimise the disturbance to the NHS staff whose working space we were having to work in and around. At a very early stage, we realised it would be prudent to limit the interruption to any one desk space to one instance only, supplying a crate to the desk user prior to the night shift where their station was affected. This meant the desk user simply filled the crate with loose desk items at the end of their day shift and it was sitting there ready to be decanted the following morning, with all surrounding works completed.

Works carried out included installation of new floor coverings including enabling works such as jacking up desks, moving file cabinets and furniture followed by reinstatement at the end of each shift. Suspended ceiling tiles were removed and set aside for reuse, to accommodate installation of new M&E services. Installation of new lighting and joinery works were also delivered including replacement of doors and facings in poor condition.
Utilising our extensive Project Management experience and robust planning and working procedures, we were able to deliver the full refurbishment within the programmed timescales and budget, and to the great satisfaction of our client. This was despite the fact that the works were initially impacted by the first COVID-19 lockdown.

“I had some apprehension about the job but instead it was the opposite with much of the thanks going to Stuart (Project Manager) and Paul (Site Manager) for their hard work in ensuring it progressed by the numbers.” – John Sneddon, NHS Scotland